4J36 Nickel alloy steel pipe

4J36 seamless steel pipe in stock 34*2.2mm, 37*1.75mm, 25.4*1.45mm

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1. Description: 4J36 is a special low-expansion iron-nickel alloy with ultra-low expansion coefficient. The control of carbon and manganese composition is very important. Cold deformation can reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion, and heat treatment within a specific temperature range can stabilize the coefficient of thermal expansion. 4J36 has corrosion resistance in dry air at room temperature. In other harsh environments, such as humid air, corrosion (rust) may occur. Low coefficient of thermal expansion between - 250 ℃ and+200 ℃. Good plasticity and toughness 2. Equivalent grade: Fe-Ni36 (France), W Nr.1.3912, Ni36 (Germany), X1NiCrMoCu, N 25-20-7 (UK) 4J36, UNSK93600 thermostat alloy, UNSK93601 pressure vessel plate (USA) 3. Chemical Composition:
Chemical Composition
Ni Cr Fe C Mn Si Co P S
Min 35 - - - - - -
Max 37 0.2 Rest 0.03 0.35 0.2 0.5 0.02 0.01
4. Physical Property: Density: ρ= 8.1g/cm3 Melting temperature range: 1430 ℃ Curie temperature: 230 ℃ Specific heat: 515J/Kg 5. Welding Technology: 4J36 can be welded by all welding processes, including tungsten electrode welding, metal arc welding, plasma welding, argon arc welding, manual arc welding, etc. Pulse arc welding is considered first. Before welding, the material shall be in annealed state, clean and free of oil stain, scratch, marking paint, etc. Low heat input must be adopted, and interlayer temperature shall be lower than 120 ℃. Pre-weld and post-weld heat treatment is not required. If the weld performance is designed to be the same as that of the base metal, the welding rod of the same material as the base metal shall be used. Or choose Select the following GTAW/GMAW Nicrofer S 7020 W.-Nr.2.4806 SG-NiCr20Nb AWS A 5.14 ERNiCr-3 SMAW W.-Nr.2.4648 EL-NiCr19Nb AWS A 5.11 EniCrFe-3 6. Application: 4J36 is used in the environment where ultra-low expansion coefficient is required. Typical application are following: Production, storage and transportation of liquefied gas Measuring and control instruments with operating temperature below+200 ℃, such as temperature regulating devices Screw connector bushing between metal and other materials Bimetal and temperature-controlled bimetal 7. Related production: 4J36 plate, bar, pipe, strip Etc: 8. Stcok size: 34*2.2mm 37*1.75mm 25.4*1.45mm 9. Packing show: 未标题-1  

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