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Basic Concept: On the continuous unit, cold-rolled strip steel and galvanized strip steel (electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized) are usedas substrates, and after surface pretreatment (degreasing and chemical treatment), the method of roller coating is applied. One or more layers of liquid paint are applied, and the sheet obtained by baking and cooling is called a coated steel sheet. Since the coating can have a variety of different colors, it is customary to put the coated steel. The plates are called color coated steel plates. And because the coating is carried out before the steel plate is formed,it is called a pre-coated steel plate in foreign countries. Process flow: Color-coated steel sheets are based on cold-rolled steel sheets and galvanized steel sheets. After surface pretreatment (degreasing, cleaning, chemical conversion treatment), coatings are applied in a continuous method.(roller coating method), a product made by baking and cooling. The main production process of the common two-coating and two-bake continuous color coating unit process flow is: uncoiling → pretreatment → coating → baking → post-processing → coiling. Production Show: 5e99de049c6f7b674cb3fdf9f0928d3 7e731950b4b1c285503cd778d3e6909 7f4f527a14214f2bd3805410fb29cbb 9010879b7920f262e5d33105fdb1874   Package: 6 Loading: 2 52bc9d423fa52b2650c76e9471484ee Deliver By Truck: 8013af6d810ec34559d150feedaa1ba Application: Coated steel plate has light weight, beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance, and can be directly processed. It provides a new type of raw material, which has good effects such as replacing wood with steel, efficient construction, energy saving, and pollution prevention. Color coating using galvanized steel sheet as substrate In addition to zinc protection, the organic coating on the zinc layer plays a role of covering and isolation, which can prevent the steel plate from rusting, and its service life is longer than that of the galvanized steel plate. According to the introduction, the life of coated plate is 50% longer than that of galvanized steel plate.  

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